The Island Rockabilly Bash, July 27, 2019
Waterwheel Park, Chemainus, BC

Hank Angel at the Island Rockabilly Jamboree - july 27, 2019. Waterwheel Park, Chemainus, BC

Hanks angel and his Island Devils If you check other music festivals, you'll notice that the price of a ticket for one day is usually $55 to $60. That's where we're different. Our festival is located in a public park, and we just ask for a suggested contribution of twenty dollars per adult for the day.

The way we finance this great show is by your contribution when you attend the festival. We ask everyone to drop their money into one of the receptacles carried by our group of well-identifed volunteers. In return for your contribution, you'll receive a glossy, souvenir program and a wrist-band, to show that you've paid. Our volunteers do tend to bug people without wrist-bands...